Contribute To Your Clan.

How to Progress in GrailKnights GKSC:

Can ALL Members please shout out in Clan Chat/s if you see:
  • Evil Trees (Woodcutting).
  • Crashed Stars (Mining).
  • Penguins (Penguin Hunting).
  • Dragon Implings (If you do not have required level to catch yourself).
  • Any other information that could benefit another GKSC Member.

GKSC Members will help if they can, it's not much, but 'shouting out information' will help other Members in return.

Information should NOT be Leaked (told to players not in GKSC). Do not tell anyone anything you have learned through GKSC. We like to keep our Members better informed than the regular Runescaper.

Plant your Vexilum! You can bank it after you place it. It will remain there for approximately 30 minutes, or until you equip it, or until you log out. If your PM is ON then recruits can add you from your Vexilum then PM you. If you do not want to turn PM on, still place your Vexilum as it's all advertisement.

Wear your Clan Cape! Wear whichever cape you like, but for Clan Events/Group Gatherings, can all members please wear their Clan Cape. It really is awesome for recruiting.

Recruit! Help clan grow, recruit new members. Recruits should be 100+ Combat and/or 1600+ Total Level. All ranks are welcome to recruit, but only Captains+ (SilverStar+) can issue Clan Invites.

Help and Advise fellow GKMs, we are all on the same team.

Even if you think we haven't noticed, continue to give help/advice. We see more than we let on ;)

Thanks. Peace.

Modified Rules for GKSC

  1. Never kill another GKM in an 'unsafe environment'

  2. If you are on Runescape, you should be in clan chat, even if you are not going to be talking.

  3. Please wear your Clan Cape as often as possible, and always place your Vexilum. You can put the Vexilum in your bank once it is placed. It will stay there for 30 minutes or until you equip it or log out. Always wear your Clan Cape for Clan Events and Group Gatherings.

  4. What is said in clan chat, stays in clan chat.

  5. Do not leak event or any other tips or information you gain through GKSC.

  6. NEVER report another Grailknights member (GKM). If you have a problem with another GKM, then speak to a Grailknights Admin (GKE). Only GKE's have Bronze Cross+ in clan chat. If you are discovered to have reported a GKM, the person you have reported will be removed from GKSC, but so will you if a GKE has not given the go-ahead. GKEs are the only people permitted to report or issue authority to report another GKM

  7. All Bronze Cross+ in clan chat are Grailknight Elders (GKE). This means they are leaders of this clan. General should be treated as Clan Leaders too, as they are being considered for a position as GKE. If you cheek or disobey an instruction or request from any GKE, you will lose status within the clan. In extreme situations, even removed.

  8. There are no skill requirements to join our community (GKA Community). We are however, looking for a certain type of person only. To obtain these people only, there is a high 'Member Removal Rate'. Please keep this in mind when conducting yourself in clan chat. To join GrailKnights GKSC specifically, you must be 100+ Combat and/or 1600+ Total level.

  9. When events are organised, its up to you if you wish to attend them, it is your game. However, occassionally there will be a G* event. All GKM's MUST attend G* events as there is usually a very important reason.

  10. Ranks go up and down, If you are demoted, do not lose heart. Demotions are not permenant, you will just have to work to turn it around.

  11. People in clan chat may be busy, please be patient if a reply does not come immediately.

  12. Grailknght Elders reserve the right to remove anybody at any time if their conduct is deemed unacceptable. However i will be asking them why.

  13. Do not advertise in clan chat. Only GKE's are permitted to even mention other clans in our clan chat.

  14. GKE's are monitoring you always, keeping track of who is in clan chat and who is not. Watching how helpful or unhelpful you are. The Elder Council hold meetings on msn messenger to discuss event ideas and members. Conduct yourself properly to gain favour.

  15. PK (Player Killing) is now perfectly fine with GKSC, Never PK another GKM though. Shout GKSC or GKA in game to identify yourself (if identity is unsure. you can check the sites 'members list' but bare in mind not all members are listed, or PM a GKE/Allied Clan Leader).

  16. Never ask for free money or items. We have standards!

  17. Check GKSC home site for messages and/or information bulletins.

  18. A GKM must never kill or scam another GKM.

  19. Any problems or questions that arrise, bring them up with a GKE or General.

  20. You MUST treat fellow GrailKnights GKSC Members (GKMs) with due respect. e.g. no arguing with no swearing at etc. You should be able to realise what is acceptable and what is 'crossing the line'.
  21. All GKMs/GKEs/GKEC must collect their Cap for resource collection in our Citadel each week.

Runescape is your game and we try to leave our members with complete freedom, but provide options for things to do with people they can trust.

Grail Knight Ranks

Clan Chat Ranks and how they reflect GKSC status:

  • Smiley Face - Friend/Affiliate/Guest to GKSC

  • Recruit (1 Stripe) - Player on probationary period

  • Corporal (2 Stripes) - GKM full member (passed probation period)

  • Sergeant (3 Stripes) - Loyal and trusted member, who Caps regular.

  • Leiutenant (Bronze Star) - Long serving member, loyal and trusted, and recruited a lot and Caps regular.
  • Captain (Silver Star) - Highest attainable rank without responsibility. Has ability to issue Clan Invites.

  • General (Gold Star) - GKE Candidate -Leader of Grailknights GKSC / Responsible for a section of GKSC
  • Admin (Bronze Cross) - GKE - Leader of Grailknights GKSC - Has ability to Kick/Ban.
  • Organiser (Silver Cross) - GKE - Has contributed a lot of time and work.
  • Coordinator (Star Burst) - GKEC Candidate - Ignore this member at your own risk.
  • Overseer (Bronze Key) - GKEC Candidate - Ignore this member at your own risk.
  • Deputy Owner (Silver Key) - GKEC

This next section is more for Admin purposes and grouping.

The 'categories' are target groups for different information. The 'ranks' are a grade of your personal position within GrailKnights GKSC.

  • Grail Knight Elder Counel (GKEC) - top of the table. authority figure of GKSC and has access to GKE Council meetings where various issues are discussed. Has access to everything.
  • Grail Knight Elder (GKE) - top of the table. authority figure of GKSC and has access to GKE Council meetings where various issues are discussed. Has access to most things.

  • Grail Knight Member grade 1(GKM g1) - Has worked with GKSC and proven themselves on many levels. MUST have been a member for at least eight (8) months and active for a minimum of six (6) of those months. Has Access to all events and information.

  • Grail Knight Member grade 2 (GKM g2) - Has worked with GKSC and proven themselves. Must have recruited at least 40 members. Has access to most events and most information.

  • Grail Knight Member grade 3 (GKM g3) - Has worked with GKSC and proven themselves. Must have recruited a minimum 0f 10 members. Has access to some events and most information.

  • Grail Knight Member grade 4 (GKM g4) - Entry level member. Has access to most information. Does not get invites to events such as drop party's etc. Must have applied for membership, and had application accepted.

There is no reason to know your internal GKSC rank, it is more for admin purposes. However if you wish to know it, feel free to ask. At the moment it is only me who has access to the members CatList. GKEC have a copy of the GKSC Database, which they will maintain to their own standards. Also, if you have requested to have your name added to the member list published on our site, then your rank will be posted next to your name.

The Layout For Grail Knights

Because of the interest and numbers of people now wanting to join Grail Knights, we have decided to cater for all people with the right attitude. Everyone has full access to all worlds/events/information within the categories they are in, and the categories below the one they are in. However, to preserve the effectiveness and to control the sensitive information for the higher categories, you will not receive information etc. for the categories higher than your rank. We hope you understand this and appreciate that this will be enforced with no exceptions.

GKA Internal

130+ Combat category *

120+ Combat category A

110+ Combat category B

100+ Combat category C

90+ Combat category D

70+ Combat category E

69 and under GKM

Grail Knight Minors (GKM's) are people who understand the game to the best of their experience thus far, and are of the right qualities. Therefore should not be looked down upon as 'noobs', despite low levels, as they may well have very high skill levels. =)

Please be aware that some events will occasionally be organised for all levels. This has been decided so that all members, regardless of level, get the opportunity to meet. It is and always will be YOUR game, so the choice on whether or not you attend these specific events remains yours. We do ask that, if invited to a G* event/minigame/etc, you turn up. failure to do so will result in your membership within the superclan being reviewed, possibly terminated.
A G* event will only be arranged for specific reasons, for example, one of our members has been PKed in the wilderness lost a lot of valuable items and the attack on him/her was unprovoked.
We will do our very best to look after our members. Any attack on a GKSC Member is an attack on Grail Knights.

GrailKnights GKSC Specific (Now called 'Jobs' In-Game)

138 - (Still Undecided)
130+ - Warlord
120+ - Royal Knight
110+ - Honour Knight
100+ - Knight
<100 - n/a